Department of chemistry, University of Fribourg

Welcome to the Bochet research group

Laboratory for organic photochemistry at the University of Fribourg

Organic synthesis and photochemistry

Organic synthesis (the preparation of carbon-containing molecules in the laboratory) is of great importance, because most of the current drugs, plastics, dyes and fragrances are not anymore extracted from natural sources. The possibility of making these compounds by using light instead of toxic and expensive reagents or catalysts is studied by a specific field of organic synthesis: the organic photochemistry.

Synthesis of biologically active compounds

Most of today’s pharmaceuticals (painkillers, antibiotics, anticancers, etc.) are produced synthetically, even if the initial source was once natural. The search for more efficient synthetic routes remains a proority for organic synthesis. However, the quest for new structures with new properties is also of highest importance, because current drugs all have limitations and/or side effects, bacteria and cancers develop resistance to treatments and new diseases are emerging.

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